Vaginal Wellness (Steaming) has been performed as a ritual for wombmym's health by indigenous cultures for centuries.

 Vaginal wellness or V wellness, also known as Yoni steaming, is used as an alternative treatment where a man or wombmym sits over a pot of warm water that's placed in a box for safety containing natural herbs such as lavender, chickweed, motherwort, red clover, raspberry leaf, and wormwood.


Steaming has been practiced since the Ancient Kemetic Era (Egypt) and in other varies Afrikan Tribes, Asia and Central America. Today you can still see this practice and even several Day Spas that offer vaginal wellness as a means of self-maintenance and self-care for men and wombmym.

What!? Men can get steams too you say!?

Yes, the men of Kemet and many Asian Empires were no strangers to Alternative wellness (steaming).

As a matter of fact, the anus and vagina are both associated with the root chakra. The lowest of your chakras, it relates to your sensations of groundedness, a primal foundation for the body. For example, when blocked or if there is a lot of pressure in a hose pipe it becomes blocked in several places. The biggest cause is stress and anxiety. This can create permanent tightness in the body's tissue and restrict the flow of energy.

Steaming is often described as a holistic alternative for men and wombmym for treating reproductive issues, sexual abuse, emotional trauma, hormonal imbalances, and male cleansing.

How does Vaginal wellness (steaming) work!

The purpose of steaming is to stimulate the production of hormones to maintain and correct uterine issues and irregular menstrual cycles, to promote circulation and help with fertility issues. Steaming also helps to quicken postpartum healing and menopause issues in seasoned wombmym.

P- wellness for men:

Yes, yes. Steaming aids by detoxifying + reducing muscle tension and inflammation+ improving cardiovascular performance + increasing energy levels + aids in better sleep + prostate health+ anal cleansing and general health.