Let us help you re-lax & Unwind:


Benefits of using the Infrared Sauna


·        Eliminate toxins-detoxification sweat in the body a safe and  

         natural way to heal and detox. Sweat carries toxins out of the body

         by pushing it through the pores.


·        Weight loss by burning calories from the sweat 

·        Heated foot mat to reduce fatigue and relax your body

·        Relaxation- helps you relax in comfort, stress reliever. The more

         stressed you are the more cortisol (fight or flight) your body will

         provide a hormone made in the adrenal glands that raise the heart

         rate, blood pressure, and decrease excess calories in the


·        Pain relief- Low back pain, menstrual pain, shoulder pain and


·        Improve circulation- The heating of the muscles produce an

         increased blood flow level.

Infrared Sauna- $30/ 35 mins $5 extra for 45 mins.


**It is recommended to drink plenty of water or at least 16oz before using the Infrared sauna.**

Be focused and ready: When you are focused you become open to change. To change you have to be open. 
How do we do this? by changing your mind, when you change your mind your body will follow.  Make getting healthy inside out a priority. Interrupt the habit of procrastination.
As your coach I am your guide not your ride, a cheer leader and I m here to Inspire individuals that want to make a change mind body and soul. 
Origin of life & Devine passage of life
Bam Bam Steam- Known as Vaginal or Yoni Steaming performed as a Rites of Passage or everyday wombmym's health by many indigenous cultures for centuries like many African, Mayan and Asian cultures.
Included are several different types of herb blend based to address the concerns fill out with on the online form provided to the client.   
 $60/30 mins

P- Steam for Men- Yes men have been steaming for centuries. Benefits include detoxifying, reduces muscle tension, improves cardiovascular performance, increase energy levels, improves sleep, anal cleansing, benedictional for athlete’s inflammation and aids in general heath.

$60/30 mins

Couples: Womb-myn steam bath for couples.

$90/30 mins


Package: Includes Blood work, Steam consult w/steam, lab follow up, 3 meal (preferable plant-based or meatless), one 45 min phone coaching call. A 2-3-hour creative art session to focus on long term goal setting.


Health Packages and workshops

Eat healthier, lose weight and have more energy! We offer several programs to fit any need from Gut health, 90-day programs or a maintenance program.  We have something designed just for you!

Labs we offer:


Micronutrient- A reflection of one’s dietary intake. Did you know that 50% of people taking multivitamins are micronutrient deficient, even with taking supplements?

Hormone Imbalance

Female and Male Fertility:


Gastrointestinal health

Sports Nutrition


*Please be mindful that it could take up to 2 weeks to get results.*


14 Day Reboot/Recharge


Designed for hard-working wombman needing a boost in energy and mood, suffer from brain fog, yeast overgrowth, gas, and lack of sleep.

Included in the program: 
-Micronutrition blood work
-Healthy tips and menu
- mental focus worksheet exercise
- Nutritional facts
-one 30 min Infrared sauna session


21 Day About that life challenge


Designed for hard-working wombman needing a boost in energy and mood, suffer from brain fog, yeast overgrowth, gas and lack of sleep.

Included in the program: 
-Micronutrition blood work
-Healthy tips and menu
-one meal
- mental focus worksheet exercise
- Clear the clutter

-shopping and label reading
-two 30 min Infrared sauna session


Gut Health


Are you full of backed- up shit? Need a cleans to works from the inside out. 

Why cleanse the Gut!

The gut is the basis of our health – it’s the first line of defense against pathogens, it’s where we digest and absorb nutrients and where we house our gut microbes, known as gut bacteria.

You need a cleans if you are/have! Bloating, Constipation and Diarrhea, Fatigue, Depression, Allergies, Skin issues, Mood swings, Headaches or Joint pain then this is your stop.

Included in the program:


-Red clay

-Labs for Gastrointestinal Health levels

-Gentle Herb Blend 

  •  Superhuman herbal teas

  • 5-Day BOWEL Detox

  • 5-Day LIVER Detox

  • 5-Day KIDNEY Detox

  • (2) Echinacea  or Hibiscus 


Mind, Body, & Soul

90 day Total Body Transformation

For people serious about investing in their health.

In this program, we focus on behaviors mentally and physical. Why!? because where the mind goes the body follows. 

The Body can only do what the mind tells it to do. 

What's  Included:

Gentle herbal blend for gut detox
1:1 creative session supplies provided
Health and food education
1-week free vegan meal
weekly menu provided
Three coaching calls
three sauna session or steam session.

Regular price:1,499.00 

On sale: $900 in full or 2 payments of $450.00