About Us

Our Vision/Goals: To assist and be a guide to those seeking a healthier lifestyle inside out by targeting trouble area's while getting to the root of the problem. This means looking at the What, Why, When and How.  What defines you?

Why are we still unhealthy and dying?


If health is not meaningful to a person we don't treat it as something urgent so we keep putting it off until illness strike. If getting healthy is not important, urgent, or purposeful to a person's life we won't move toward progress.  We enter a path of illnesses and death.


A little about me, I grew up in the south and like most southern family's bread, sugar and fried food is your safe haven, a best friend when down the icing on the cake, food completes you. For many families, food and tradition are passed down from generation to generation and we call it culture. The thing with this is we are now finding that what is being passed on is diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other preventable diseases leading to bad health and habits. What was prepared for us as children we are now preparing for our kids. No wonder why we have the same health issues as our great-grandparents,  mothers, and fathers we are repeating learned behavior. I know because for many years I struggled with losing weight and eating healthy no matter what diet I was on I could not keep the weight off. Hint Diets don't work. 


Sakakwea's background and experience working over 15 yrs in the medical field inspired her to help people who lack knowledge of preventable health mentally and physically by educating/informing individuals to the best of her training and knowledge. Sakakawea's gift and talent in  Art/Creativity have played a major role in her life for many years as a child and into her adult years. Educating and sharing her life journey through art and speaking of her own health journey and passion lead to further her knowledge about wellness. She completed her training as a  Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Health Coach Institue and training as a Vaginal Practitioner from the Peri-steam Hydrotherapy Institute. She is the owner and founder of Creative Path 2 Wellness. The path we take will lead to success or self-destruction.



Holistic Health Coach

Certified Vaginal Practitioner

Sakakawea Tu'Pak El-Bey